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OS X Mountain Lion is on the way

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Posted 16 February 2012 - 07:01 AM

Post your comments for OS X Mountain Lion is on the way here

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  Posted 16 February 2012 - 09:24 AM

I love the synching, the new iDevice-like apps, and especially the fact that Apple's not following Microsoft in making a mouse/keyboard interface look like a touch pad. The good news is that it'll be an even better OS to work with.

The bad news is that Apple still doesn't "get" that most of us aren't musicians or videographers. We work mostly with text. And yet Apple is still acting like WordStar formatted to a subset of Word rtf is the last word in text handling. (Ruler bars etc.) It isn't and hasn't been for over twenty years. Specific needs:

1. Build semantic markup into the OS X and offer it to third-party text app. Microsoft had that as paragraph and character styles in the late 1980s. Apple has yet to add those styles features to its still-poor implementation of rtf. This would mean that I could tag text as a heading and have it be treated as such in any app on any platform. That makes text display smart and workable. Transferring font information from device to device makes no sense today. A heading on an iMac's 24" display shouldn't have the same font size on an iPhone. Until Apple does that, its apps aren't really cross-platform.

2. Give us genuine document transfer not just simple note synching via iCloud. When someone finishes anything from a department memo to a school paper or a new novel in an app, sending it from their Mac to an iPad or iPhone for review should be a one-step process. Give us a File-Digital menu smart enough to include "Send to my iPad" and "Send to Bill's iPhone." And please move Save to PDF out of the Print menu to this new Digital menu. Many of us now save to PDF (or email a PDF) more often than we print.

3. Bloggers and writers are making more and more use of MultiMarkdown to quickly tag text. Build MultiMarkdown awareness into OS X. It's simple, so that shouldn't be hard to do. Integrate it in some clever way with semantic markup.

4. Adobe delighted users by building GREP into InDesign about four years ago. Give Mac app developers as system-wide version of GREP with easy to share, easy to exchange scripts. You might even add the feature to run a GREP script Automator. It'd be a real time saver for cleaning up documents.

5. Make adding keywords to files much easier. We should not have to go through a separate app to add keywords and descriptive phrases. Build the feature into the Save window so we actually use keywords.

And please excuse me if some of these long-needed features are being added.

--Michael W. Perry, author of Untangling Tolkien

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