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Is it MacWorld or iWorld? iPads & iPhones taking over

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Posted 05 March 2012 - 12:27 PM

Hello MacWorld - An avid reader and subscription holder since 2008, i am a professional video editor and shooter and usually gravitate to all things Mac. However, a trend i have noticed ever since the iPad came along is that most of your pages are now devoted to iPhones & iPads. And lately, a couple times a year, entire issues are exclusive layouts for these two products & their apps. Macworld now appears to be a sales catalog & guide to ianything. it would be more accurate if you created a new "iWorld" magazine. What about the rest of Apple's world? i feel you're too focused on these products and ignoring Mac's wider world. There's less of every aspect of the great areas Macworld used to present. i'm sure there's plenty of people who enjoy your new format, but you're losing the core readers who intrests expand beyond buying the next ianything. Maybe this trend was inevitable to solely concentrate on the biggest selling items, yet this approach alienates broader users like me who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on Macs instead of a $199 phone. I'm not knocking ianythings; they're great no doubt, just have them get their own magazine. Sadly, i'll be letting my subscription fade away, perhaps go to MacLife, where products aren't pitched like the local Walmart.
Very sincerely,
Phoenix, Arizona


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Posted 05 March 2012 - 01:02 PM

It's actually Macworld, with a small "w."

As for the focus, it's an easy charge to make because we have "Mac" in the name of the magazine and site. Of course that's a reflection of our history and brand. We still cover plenty of Mac-related things, but our mission is to follow and report on the state of Apple, not simply one of the products it makes. If you've been paying attention to what Apple's been doing in the past several years, you understand that the company is highly interested in its mobile devices and online ventures. Therefore, so are we. (And, I'd add, so is MacLife and any other publication or website that follows Apple's doings.)

When there's worthwhile Mac and OS X news, we're all over it. The same goes for the iOS and i-devices.

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