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missing iPhoto library - replaced by MacFort with sparse bundle image

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 03:40 AM

Hello to everyone!

I am new to and to Apple in General! Got my new Macbook Air abouth a month ago and one the first thing I did was to transfer all my pictures to iPhoto (about 18k or 55Gb). I sorted them in Events, Albums, etc - all cool. Then, I decided to password protect my iPhoto library using MacFort. I guess thhis was a big mistake from my part as I didn't really understand how this software really worked...

Anyway, here's what I did step by step and what was the rather unpleasant outcome:

1) Installed MacFort; found my iPhoto Library there and started encrypting it straight away

2) Once the encrypting was finished, iPhoto started to request a password everytime it was launched - so far so good

3) After the trial of MacFort expired I decided to uninstall the App. Stupid as I am, I did it with CleanApp and not using the uninstall option through MacFort

4) When decided to launch iPhoto it couldnt find any libraries as if none really existed before .. :X

5) I then restored MacFort as it was still in my Trash and tried to load the encrypted file.. Unfortunately the App doesn't find any files and I cannot decrypt the vault I had previously created for iPhoto...

- even worse: it doesn't find iPhoto nor its library when scanning for files to encrypt

- the only thing that MacFort recognises is the a vault which I can lock or unlock:

6) I then did some searches and found out that all my pictures (about 50gb) are considered as 'Other' storage (i.e. the sparse bundle disk image) and I have nothing considered as photos in Iphoto

7) Right then I found out that I approached the entire encrypting process in a very wrong way. I did not create a copy of my iPhoto library and then encrypt it but insted I worked directly on my original iPhoto library file.

Now I have a single file called Valentin.sparsebundle that contains my entire iPhoto library. I thought I had lost everything when mis-uninstalling MacFort but I can still access my photos when selecting the sparse bundle file when iPhoto asks to 'Choose Library'

So my question now is: Is there a way I can change this Sparse Image and return my original iPhoto library in order then to unistall MacFort and delete any encrypted disk images? In other words, put back everything the way it was before installing MacFort?

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to give you as much detail as possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 02:20 AM

Double-click the spare image to mount it. Drag the iPhoto library from there to your Pictures folder (or wherever you like) which will make a copy of it. Hold down the option key and launch iPhoto. You'll be prompted to create or choose a default iPhoto library. Select the copy you just made.

Sorry you had to wait so long for an answer. I barely visit since the redesign and the login challenges/annoyances that were introduced in the months following.

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