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Windows Ctrl v Mac's Apple

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Posted 09 April 2006 - 11:25 AM

Hi all
I'm slowly getting over going to Windows at work, but I mentioned to a friend who works in Health and Safety my thoughts that pressing "Ctrl" rather than the handily-placed "Apple" key meant I was using shortcuts less, and relying more on the mouse.
He canvassed various ergonomics people to find their opinions, and I thought I'd share their replies with you all. Hopefully the advice given will help others moving from Macs to PCs - or even booting up Windows on their Macs.
1 Deirdre of California: I feel the opposite: that I am using my mouse more with the Mac so maybe it is a learning curve and we need to learn the new system's shortcut keys?
2: John of New York: When designing their OSs, Jobs and Gates both forgot Xerox's GUI design philosophy: "Never either/or. Always both/and. Not keyboard OR mouse; keyboard AND mouse AND touchscreen AND voice command AND footpedals AND adaptive devices for the handicapped. Every and any way to get feedback to and from the computer. When we lose sight of that, we lose the original vision - and we pay for it by crippling our interactions. And wasting time - so much time...
Having said that, Windoze 'puters have MANY more keyboard shortcuts then a stock Mac - but programs like QuicKeys improved matters. QK went over to Windows when it was realised that that would give the same shortcut keys for both OSs. I highly recommend QK. Now that you all can both have as many ks as you can think of, will all the Mac and Windoze fanatics stop arguing? "I only shovel with a shovel with an oak handle!" "I only shovel with a shovel with a hickory handle!" Just shut up and start digging - you'll get the same blisters either way...
RSI expert: TWO issues here: One, cumulative trauma showing up, primarily from mousing more, because he is unfamiliar w/the particularsof the equipment to which he has migrated; and TWO, he is
being lazy and/or his employer has not properly trained him in the differences between PCs and Macs. I suspect, on TWO, that it is a combination - insufficient or no training and lack of interest/lack of
time (and/or resistance to) learning the new equipment (please forward my deep condolences that he is now working on a bohemoth...). There are keyboard commands for PCs as well and he needs to learn them. In addition, once he has dug up the keyboard commands, he needs to share them w/his coworkers. If he has the problem, so do other people.
He needs to start taking rest breaks, taking care of his anatomy and physiology, and understand that his now conscious injuries did NOT occur simply because of the equipment shift (he doesn't say how long he has been "adapting"), but were lurking beneath the surface; if he had started mousing a lot on his Mac, the injuries would have surfaced there? Free break software is out there; purchased copies are also quite cheap.
Further, he needs to invest in a mouse comfortable for him--touchpad, large ball, whatever.? This means TESTING what is comfortable for him. If he has a death grip on the mouse, tell him to loosen up; this may be, in part, stress from anxiety about the new equipment.? (And going from Mac to/back to a PC can be mighty frustrating.)?
In short, he needs to do a full "ergo review" on himself, in addition to learning keyboard commands and using macros. The time spent on ergo and shortcuts will be well-invested.
I am a Machead, but predate the existence of the Mac, and so have worked on both; indeed, I have worked on systems that don't exist anymore and many have never even heard of...? So, I presume to speak of this topic w/confidence. /forums/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

John's URL's for Windows hotkeys:
keyboardshortcutswindows98.htm win 98 ks - most still work in XP says it's a
comprehensive list of win ks - looks good

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Posted 09 April 2006 - 05:42 PM

You know there's a Windoze on Mac site now ... (where this belongs)

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